Sunday, April 22, 2012

School- Shanghai Singapore International School

(From left to right ) Lily, Reese, Greta, Rosalie (in the back), next to her is Elena, and in red is Ana Paola.  All of them go to five different schools!!  Two are sisters, Lily and Elena!  All of the girls are 5 except Elena who is seven!  They love playing jump rope, running around, riding bikes and scooters, playing house or imaginary something!  Here they are petting Ana Paola baby bunny!
Everyday she gets home from school she races to the playground to meet her friends!  These are a few of her close friends, minus a few who were running around at the moment!
 Having Grandma bring me to the bus stop was a real treat!! I think it was hard though for grandma to see me get on the big bus and ride away!! Reese attends Shanghai Singapore International School and she absolutely LOVES every minute of it!!  I'm so thankful for that!  She has made so many great friends there and there are about 100 kids from our complex that attend there!  Many days she gets off the bus and around 20 of them fly to the playground! 

 little potties and sinks!  they brush their teeth and wash their faces before taking a nap!  Good habit!!
 listening to their Chinese Laoshi!

 Reese's classroom and cubie!
 Computers class
 K1 (preschool) and K2 hallway!  Doesn't it just look like a fun place to learn??!!

Little beds that they take an hour nap on everyday!!  She still needs every minute! Wish her baby sister did!

 Music class

 performing arts center/stage
 science labs (of what I wouldn't have given to have had these at Bentheim!)

 Cheng Ayi (their classroom helper), Reese, and her teacher Ms. Winnie!
 Libray time!! She LOVES getting new library books each and every week!
BELOW- Shrea and Reese
 Grandma even got to read me one!!!
 Ms. Winnie reading a story!  Candance, Eshren, Reese, Mei, and Wayne!
 one outdoor playground
 Love all of the little kiddie bikes, cars, and scooters they can ride!
 They do provide a chinese/western lunch everyday!  She loves the chinese food!
 Dance studios where they do performing arts, speech and drama classes!
 Of COURSE Cambry wants to go to school everyday too!  She has the bus Ayi and bus driver wrapped around her little finger!  They always come out and hold her and talk to her!!  Here she is waving at me, "See you mommy, I'll be back after awhile!" Honestly, if I would let her, she would be riding that bus everyday and have NO problem being away from me!  She is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Reese in everyway!!  Cambry is SOOOOO independent!  But I guess that is good!  Just want her to be my baby a little while longer!
Cambry and her little friend Ava on the teeter-totter!  She hasn't quite got the whole playing together thing down yet, just plays around each other!
I know, I know, I have to get rid of the paci!!!  I am working on that!  Wondering if I should just quite cold turkey!  I know it is more of a thing that I don't want to quit because it is just easier, but by two, it WILL be gone!  Only 3 more months!

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  1. Wow! So cute to see her in school! I can just imagine her in my class... The perfect student! And yes, wow! What a place! I love the floors and how clean everything looks! Awesome! I'm glad you are having fun, Reese!
    Take care!